Synergie de compétences au service de l'offre globale

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The group


Since 1973, the group is primarily CapIndustries listening to its customers. Daily of each of our employees is guided by our values ​​of quality and excellence.

In each project, we put all our energy to understand and meet our partners requests, empowering the resources needed for perfect achievements.

The CapIndustries group operates in several complementary sectors : railways, elevators, building layout, signage, lighting, design and development of commercial centers, design and industrial manufacture ...

As we significantly mutualize all the skills, we act on project mode. Your contact in CapIndustries will take care of all requests, ensuring consistency and resources optimization.

This is what we call our synergy of skills for optimized supply.

This is one of the reasons why our clients trust us, as they are small or large groups.

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